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​An accurate and up to date survey of your prospective or recently purchased property will provide you with the knowledge of the location of your boundaries and third party interests in the property. With a current title report we can investigate how the evidence on the ground relates to the written legal description. We can locate easements and possible encroachments or matters of unwritten title that can only be discovered by detailed field investigations. Only a licensed surveyor has the experience and qualifications to determine property boundary location. Beware of relying on fences or the opinions of others to inform you of your property boundary locations.

We have been dealing with the unique boundaries in the gorge and surrounding areas for many years. We have working relationships with local title companies and Legal professionals and together we can advise you on the best approach to solving property boundary disputes.

Click this link for more information provided by the PLSO (Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon).


​If you are thinking of partitioning your land, adjusting a boundary or performing a 100 lot subdivision we can help. We have performed many land divisions throughout the region and can advise you on how to get started with the complex regulatory process of dividing or adjusting your land.

Call us today if you are thinking of modifying your property.


Some of the Local Planning Jurisdictions in The Gorge we work with:

Hood River County Community Development.

City of Hood River Planning Department.

Wasco County Planning Department.

City of The Dalles Planning Department.


​Often the first step to developing your property or building a new home is the preparation of an accurate 3 dimensional base map. With this information other professionals such as Architects and Engineers can design your dream proposal.

We can identify prospective building sites and help orient structures to take advantage of the stunning views the region offers.

Topographic mapping can also be necessary to obtain the necessary approvals and permits from local jurisdictions to connect to the public utility network.

We employ up to date technology including survey grade GPS, Robotic Total Stations, Aerial Laser Surveys (LiDAR) and the latest software to prepare our mapping. Our mapping will be delivered in paper and digital forms to be easily incorporated into your design professionals work flow.


​An ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey must adhere to a set of national standards put forth by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping and adopted by the American Land Title Association. These special surveys are usually requested by a Title Company or Lender to aid in the issuance of Mortgage Insurance and Title Policies.

We have performed numerous ALTA surveys throughout the state of large commercial projects and multi home residential sites. Trust in us to provide the required information within the tight timelines usually associated with these transactions.

For more information and the latest ALTA standards click this link.


​We have experience in all types of commercial, residential and municipal construction projects throughout the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding regions.

We enjoy working with local construction and building companies and have developed many close relationships with local contractors over the years.

Using the latest technology and efficient work flow procedures we can help keep your construction costs down.

We specialize in small local construction projects for our existing clients but feel free to contact us to discuss any project.


​If your property lies within a federally identified flood area and is subject to the National Flood Insurance Program we can help. We can prepare elevation certificates for the determination of insurance premiums or Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA) applications to remove properties incorrectly located in the flood hazard zone.

The National Flood Insurance Program is complex and confusing for most home owners, especially if you are located in one of the local "Zone A" areas mapped many years ago. FEMA is slowly working on updating the local flood maps, however until this is done the program will continue to cause frustration for many people in the Columbia Gorge region. We have the local experience and government contacts to help provide you with the best information to navigate this complex federal program.

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